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10 Things to Do at DEMA Show 2013

DEMA Show Awards Party

The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) delivers one of the true must-attend events in the dive industry. DEMA brings together professionals and enthusiasts from all levels of the field—recreational, commercial, military, etc. Small shops, large shops, individuals—whomever. That is DEMA, and it is an enormous amount of fun.

It’s also highly educational.

This year, DEMA takes place 6-9 November 2013 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. TRI Air Testing will be on hand. Visit us at Booth #1531! Share your dive stories, your business challenges and successes, and your compressed air uses and needs. In the meantime, we offer you our annual list of…


DEMA Show, Orlando10. Download the DEMA Show smartphone app! The conference offers this link, but you can also find it directly on popular mobile device app stores, such as on iTunes and Google Play.

9. “Come Together” at the Beatles-themed Awards Party! DEMA is celebrating 25 years of the prestigious Reaching Out Awards on November 8 at the Hard Rock Live Orlando Coliseum. Mr. Stuart Cove and Dr. Lee Somers are the well-deserving honorees.

8. Document your dives more effectively (and memorably) with photo and video support at DEMA’s Image Resource Center. The technologies available for visual documentation advance more each year; stay current and inspired.

SCUBA Compressed Air Testing Kit7. Learn about the variety of compressed air testing kits that are available for purchase or rental. Get a sneak peek and details here, or visit Booth #1531 to see kits up close and discuss compressed air testing with an expert team.

6. Be active; stay silent! The Silent Auction offers you a chance to support DEMA’s exceptional Industry Research Initiatives.

5. Espresso Education and Special Sessions. Build a better business with expert tips, hear inspiring stories, and get (even more) motivated to protect our waters. Sessions offered each day.

4. What’s new from the product sector? Plenty. The New Product Showcase & Pool offers plenty of fodder for your future purchase consideration.

3. Visit the Technical Diving Resource Center (TDRC) just off the exhibit floor and learn up close about the latest technical diving innovations.

2. Join TRI Air Testing at Booth #1531 and Stay Safe with Compressed Air Testing!

1. Take a moment to appreciate this extraordinary field we are part of. Each and every gathering is a chance to learn from one another, support one another, and remind ourselves the enormous beneficial impact we have on the world’s waters.


 We’ll see you at DEMA!


TRI provides compressed air testing with excellence in quality and science.

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