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TRI Air Testing is an ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory specializing in the analysis of compressed breathing air and pure gas quality testing for firefighters and SCBA Air.

Compressed air plays a huge role in keeping firefighters safe in hazardous environments. TRI AirTesting compressed air and pure gas testing kits help fire departments to collect compressed breathing air and pure gas samples at the source to yield accurate and detailed results of compressed air and pure gas quality for SCBAair. We serve fire departments everywhere offering test kits that pull samples from both inside and outside of containment.

TRI Air Testing is proud to serve the fire industry and participate on the respiratory protection committee with NFPA.TRI Air Testing provides testing for SCBA breathing air and pure gas for NFPA 1989,OSHA Grade D and more!

Learn About the Champion 35 Whistler

Compressed breathing air and pure gas testing is typically used for firefighter breathing air when testing containment SCBA fill stations. This versatile sampling equipment is designed to sit down inside fill station containment allowing the containment door to close to capture a sample of your breathing air just as if you were filling a SCBA including Scott Revolve Air systems. This compressed air and pure gas sampling equipment is also capable of collecting a sample of your compressed air and pure gas at any auxiliary outlet or cascade system. Stay safe, test with TRI Air Testing.

Our Services

First-Time Clients:

  • Consultation with our team to understand your specific needs
  • Recommend specific tests suited for your facility
  • Walk through the test results with you and your team

Ongoing Services:

We provide international standards and methods for sampling and the testing of compressed air, ambient air and pure gas delivery systems. This includes a multitude of pure gas types up to Five 9’s purity. Additionally, we collect mold & bacteria samples for testing in compressed, ambient, and pure gasses.

  • Team of analysts and scientists
  • On-site testing
  • Affordable testing kits and 24-hour turnaround time
  • Provided training videos on how to collect test samples

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TRI provides testing for SCBA breathing air for NFPA 1989, Grade D, OSHA and more.

Yes. Our test kits are user-friendly and our support specialists are available to guide you through the process if you need assistance.

Reports are delivered within 24 hours of receiving air samples with no additional fees.

No. Some facilities choose to purchase their own, but we have all the necessary equipment at our testing facility.

If your air samples come back with results that need to be addressed, our team will walk you through the next steps which may entail an on-site visit for additional in-depth testing.

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