We Make Compressed Air and Pure Gas Testing Easy

TRI Air Testing has been serving businesses with their air and pure gas testing needs since 1975.

Today, we’re providing our clients with simple and complete solutions to keep up with regular testing periods, as well as, being informed of new compliance standards and testing changes within your industry. We strive to continue building equipment and effective processes to support our client’s needs with SQF compliance in air purity.


TRI offers On-Site Testing Technicians available for 3rd party testing.

Turnkey Service

Our team of experts, scientists, and technicians are trained to support a variety of industries with slightly different needs surrounding compressed air testing.

We handle all types of testing needs from DIY and equipment rental to full-service-oriented solutions with our experts training and testing on-site.

TRI Air Testing Even Offers Simple, Turn-Key Service by Providing:

  • On-location certified and trained TRI technicians instead of outsourced contractors
  • TRI technicians bring their own equipment which eliminates any devices leasing costs 
  • One-on-one educational training and orientation for a personalized experience


Our team handles compliance for SQF, BRC, NFPA, OSHA GRADE D&E, CSA 180.1, and NAVSEA US NAVY DIVE MANUAL SPECIFICATIONS and more.

We test air quality under ISO 8573 Class across multiple categories including solid particulates, water, total oil (aerosol liquid & vapor), gaseous contaminants content, bacteria, mold, and yeast.

Once we receive test kits at our facility, we will deliver compressed air test results within 24 hours. Bacteria and mold test results can be turned around in less than 7-10 days.

We provide simple, turnkey service which includes sending our trained technicians with all necessary equipment (no device leases required). We will also provide on-site orientation and training for your staff.

Our Services

First-Time Clients:

  • Consultation with our team to understand your specific needs
  • Recommend specific tests suited for your facility
  • Walk through the test results with you and your team

Ongoing Services:

We provide international standards and methods for sampling and the testing of compressed air, ambient air and pure gas delivery systems. This includes a multitude of pure gas types up to Five 9’s purity. Additionally, we collect mold & bacteria samples for testing in compressed, ambient, and pure gasses.

  • Team of analysts and scientists
  • On-site testing
  • Affordable testing kits and 24-hour turnaround time
  • Provided training videos on how to collect test samples

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