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Food and Beverage

Compressed air purity is essential to many manufacturing, food processing, bottling and packaging operations


Testing includes direct & indirect product contact, USP, the European Pharmacopeia, or ISO 8573, ISO 14664 standards

air testing cannabis industry


Maintaining air purity in cannabis manufacturing


TRI Air provides equipment to test compressed air samples as part of air quality compliance, safety, SQF


Solutions for medical gas testing standards including NFPA 99

Fire Service

Compressed breathing air quality for firefighters and SCBA air, NFPA 1989, CGA Grade D, E, L


Compressed air testing for SCUBA CGA Grade E, PADI, IANTD, ANDI Dive Air, oxygen compatible and more

US Military

We continue to sponsor the U.S. Navy as well as other branches of the United States Millitary

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