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The Importance Of Air Testing In The Cannabis Industry

air testing cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding, and ensuring the safety and quality of cannabis products has become crucial. As the industry grows, product and facility testing will become standard procedures to maintain compliance and regulations. In addition to testing cannabis products themselves, compressed air testing is also vital to maintain the safety and quality of how the cannabis product is grown. The cannabis, hemp, and derivative product industries require particular attention to safety, and cannabis industry service companies are testing and doing analysis for these markets. Established manufacturers in the cannabis industry can get ahead of the game by trusting air testing experts like TRI Air Testing to maintain high-quality and safe cannabis products in a grow room environment.

Why Air Testing Is Coming To The Cannabis Industry:

Compressed air is used throughout the manufacturing process in several high-profile industries, from harvesting to processing and packaging. It is crucial to ensure that the compressed air is free from contaminants that can impact the quality and safety of the products. With TRI Air Testing’s compressed air testing services, potential air quality issues can be identified and resolved, ensuring that products meet international safety and quality standards.

TRI Air Testing has gained vast experience servicing various industries and provides customized solutions to international standards for an individualized compressed air testing program. Our patented air/gas sampling equipment can identify potential air quality issues and help create preventative maintenance plans to ensure that compressed air systems remain in top condition.

Air Testing Is Already Moving The Cannabis Industry Forward:

Compressed air is used in various stages of the manufacturing process, and it is crucial to ensure it is free from contaminants. One example of how TRI Air Testing’s services can benefit the cannabis industry specifically is in grow room inventory production. TRI Air Testing is working with a large manufacturer to develop a customized testing program, including sampling air from their compressed air system and testing for contaminants, particulate matter, oil mist, and water vapor. It’s crucial to maintain a compressed air system and test the ambient air for harmful hydrocarbons. Off-gassing during the extraction and packaging process can lead to severe air quality issues, so addressing and monitoring these potential hazards is essential. Testing the ambient air in facilities can prevent future air quality issues and maintain a safe working environment for employees.

Compressed air testing is crucial to ensuring the safety and quality of products in the cannabis, hemp, and derivative product industries. TRI Air Testing is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and comprehensive compressed air testing services to help the cannabis industry maintain its products’ highest safety and quality. TRI Air Testing prides itself on fast turnaround times. Data results include online access to laboratory reports, invoices, account status, and more.

TRI Air Testing will be at the NECANN Conference in March 2023. Learn more about air testing services at