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Crack the Code of Compressed Air!

Compressed Air Testing Kits
The color-coded comparative chart on TRI Air Testing’s website outlines the options one has in selecting the best compressed air testing kit for meeting their safety and compliance needs.


Compressed air testing kits enable SQF food safety managers, pharmaceutical plant engineers, diving shop owners, fire department personnel and others to gather samples of their compressed air for validating quality and remaining in compliance. However, there is no one-size-fits all approach to compressed air sample collection and testing.

So how do you know which testing kit is right for you? Should you purchase or get your kit on loan?

You have options with TRI.

Each option in the color-coded chart leads to more detailed information on the kits, including schematics industry-specific usage information.

TRI Air Testing helps you crack the code with its new color-coded tables for identifying your best compressed air testing kit.

  • Learn about the Compressed Air Sampling Kit, The Champion 35 Test Kit, The Champion 35 Whistler, and the The Champion 35 Cylinder Kit.
  • View schematic information and learn about how the test kits have been engineered to gather samples directly at the source or at the point of use (POU), depending on which industry you work in
  • Discover the availability of purchase vs. loan options.

On our website, you also have access to white papers, industry-specific pages, and other resources and documents dedicated to the use, safety assurance, and testing of compressed air.

TRI Air Testing offers 24-hour turnaround of results (available for nearly all standardized tests) and online, secure access to compressed air testing reports.



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