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GRANT PROGRAM: Help Volunteer Firefighter Departments Breathe Safer Air!

In October 2012, NFPA released its report “US Fire Department Profile,” which was authored by Michael J. Karter, Jr. and Gary P. Stein. One of the statistics included in the report stresses what is widely known among firefighters but not necessarily within the general public: 69% (756,400) of the firefighters in the United States are volunteers.

The report noted that of the 30,145 fire departments in the United States in 2011, 20,200 of them were volunteer fire departments (VFDs). That accounts for 67% of all fire departments, and the volunteers in those departments were responsible for protecting 18% of the 300+ million population.

These women and men work have the same responsibilities and risks as their career-oriented peers who hold the lionshare of responsibility for protecting the more densely populated portions of the country. But VFDs lack the same funding, which includes the finances needed to make all of the standard safety checks on equipment, such as breathing gear, as frequently.


TRI Air Testing is proud to announce the 2013 Air Testing Grant Program. We’re giving away a one fantastic Grand Prize ($500 cash grant + 1 NFPA 1989 Compressed Breathing Air Test) and 200 Second Place Prizes (1 NFPA 1989 Compressed Breathing Air Test).

Who is eligible? Volunteer fire departments (VFD) across the United States that have a working breathing air compressor. We welcome nominations from the VFDs themselves and from non-VFDs that want to help their VFD peers.

TRI believes providing quality air testing is an important part of the safety of volunteer fire fighters across our great nation. They cannot protect us if they aren’t protecting themselves. Safe air means safer firefighting personnel.

We invite you to help us help these essential responders. Help us help our VFDs in 2013!


TRI Air Testing provides independent laboratory support for many fire departments and offers 24-hour turnaround time and online access to testing reports. Firefighter departments throughout the United States use testing equipment and media provided by TRI to collect compressed air samples as part of their facilities’ air quality compliance, safety and energy efficiency assurance measures.

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