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Compressed Air Withstands the Heat

Compressed Air and BarbecueSummer is approaching in the United States. Outdoor activities and gatherings will again become central pieces of day to day life. Cold beverages will be served. Meals will be grilled. And compressed air will be a huge part of it—as always, behind the scenes.

When the temperature soars in Los Angeles, compressed air will keep ice cream cool.

When a small brewery in Portland or a cream and candy manufacturer in Madison uses carbon dioxide, nitrogen or nitrous oxide, they will do so with the support of compressed air knowledge. They will lean upon the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) or guidelines from the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute.

TRI Air Testing provides fast, efficient, and accurate independent compressed air testing kits and services.

Learn more about our involvement in the food and beverage market.

Staying Safe from Wild Fires


Photo by NOAA

Summer is not all fun. The heat is the source of a number of very serious threats, such as wild fires.

In the latest NFPA Journal, and again at NFPA Today online, the subject of wildfires was raised and, more specifically, why so many communities are threatened by them now. NFPA’s columnist raises a fantastic point in that community planners must be more aware of wildfire threats when choosing sites for building.

If the threats of wildfires are better understood by planners, if insurance agencies and other stakeholders looked more closely at historical fires and forecasted risk zones, new construction might be re-sited. Some short-term property value might need to be sacrificed, but long-term safety will be heightened.

Regardless of the property debate, firefighters will respond and battle wild fires this summer across multiple states. And they will utilize and rely upon their training and their compressed air to make their work as safe as possible and to allow them to aid the many people and structures that will be threatened.

As you enjoy your summer days at the ballpark, on vacation, and in backyard barbecues, be sure to take time to appreciate the many people who work hard to make our shared summer safer and more enjoyable.


Stay safe! Check your compressed air!


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