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OSHA Safety Compliance in Manufacturing Facilities

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an agency of the United States Department of Labor (OSHA) that has safety compliance requirements when remodeling a commercial space, such as a factory or manufacturing facility. Products to Help Meet OSHA Safety Compliance Products, like removable safety railing or temporary and removable guardrails can provide quick and…

A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Standardization is critical for manufacturing. A bolt made in Germany must fit perfectly with the threaded component made in Canada and then assembled in America. Without standardization this would not be possible. National standards organizations coordinate with their peers in other countries to insure that we all agree on the meaning of one inch. TRI…

Clean Compressed Air Is Beautiful

Did you know that the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry is a huge compressed air user? The composition of each cosmetic is complex. Creating color, consistency, durability against the elements and body heat, etc.—each piece in the puzzle requires careful quality control management. Compressed air provides vital support in the manufacturing process—such as driving pneumatic devices…

Compressed Air Quality in Manufacturing

Compressed air systems consume a significant portion of the electricity used by manufacturing plants. A compressed air audit can identify inefficient compressed air systems that need to be addressed in order to achieve reliable product quality, reduce energy consumption and improve productivity. Compressed air quality is an important part of an audit.  Poor air quality…