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Clean Compressed Air Is Beautiful

Did you know that the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry is a huge compressed air user? The composition of each cosmetic is complex. Creating color, consistency, durability against the elements and body heat, etc.—each piece in the puzzle requires careful quality control management. Compressed air provides vital support in the manufacturing process—such as driving pneumatic devices in the drying stage after sterilization—and compressed air testing ensures that cosmetics remain free of contaminating oils that could impact the performance of the cosmetics or even cause harm to the consumer.

Compressed air testing is essential to safety.

Failure to properly test and understand what to test for and how to test it can also be extremely costly for the cosmetics manufacturer. A high number of these products utilize compressed air in the manufacturing process and are packaged in powder form with specific moisture contents necessary for their characteristics and performance. Oil or water-borne organisms that get into compressed air piping systems or the compressed air itself can quickly render entire large batches of product unusable. If the source of the contamination is not quickly identified and corrected, such as through the use of the proper filters, the oil, biological, or particulate contamination might continue and more product might be destroyed.

TRI Air Testing’s experts have worked with many major cosmetics industry clients to help them tailor their compressed air testing protocol to the needs of their facility. Our compressed air testing kits have been used by numerous manufacturers to capture samples directly at the source. Our 24-hour turnaround time (for most standard compressed air tests) and online report access have been utilized by these clients for fast, clear understanding of their air quality.

Whether the cosmetics client—or other industry manufacturing client—tests for direct or indirect product contact, CGA Grade D, OSHA 1910.134, ISO 8573 or other standard, TRI Air Testing can and does help.

This is how the cosmetics industry remains safe and successful. When your compressed air is clean, beauty comes from within—from within your compressed air system!

Finally, we want to recognize the important role compressed air management can play in energy sustainability in the cosmetics field. Atlas Copco, a maker of air compressors for a variety of high-level manufacturing industries, recently highlighted this with an anecdote from the cosmetics industry. A major client installed a variable speed drive compressor from Atlas Copco, and the technology in this new compressor style reduced the plant’s compressed air energy consumption by 23.5%. Combined with heat recovery, the system reduced CO2 emissions by 185 tons!

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