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The Original Compressed Air Testing Lab

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A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Standardization is critical for manufacturing. A bolt made in Germany must fit perfectly with the threaded component made in Canada and then assembled in America. Without standardization this would not be possible. National standards organizations coordinate with their peers in other countries to insure that we all agree on the meaning of one inch. TRI Air Testing will insure that your measurements are acceptable worldwide. Using TRI’s Compressed Air Test Kit you can have complete confidence that the laboratory results are true and accurate.

The science and technology of compressed air testing is complex and exacting, but with TRI the collection and shipment of the sample is straight forward and easy. TRI has engineered the difficult science to be easy to use. Much like a modern camera, the optical science is exceedingly difficult, but usage of the camera is easy. The directions included with every kit are complete and compressive; experts are available by phone and email. Directions and technical information are available on the TRI Air Testing web site and on the TRI Air Testing YouTube Channel.  A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures. Studying the TRI videos will insure your preparation to take a scientifically valid sample.

The entire Air Testing process has been optimized over 37 years for precise accuracy and ease of use. This allows you to concentrate on your customer with total confidence that your compressed air meets all national and international standards.

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