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Diving In: TRI Visits Akumal Dive Shop

Turtles, fish, and reefs–OH MY!

TRI Air Testing has just had the opportunity to visit and scuba dive with customer Akumal Dive Shop in Akumal, Mexico. Located along Mexico’s Caribbean shoreline, Akumal Dive Shop has helped expert and novice divers of all sorts explore this extraordinarily beautiful region for more than 25 years.

Compressed air testing with TRI Air Testing at Akumal Dive Shop.

3000 PSI of Fun

The shop and its clients enjoy multiple dive sites in the immediate area, and it was a great honor not just to meet with the shop’s team face-to-face about compressed air management and safety but to enjoy diving with them in these incredible waters.

Akumal Dive Shop is a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)-certified site for dive instruction. The shop also offers SDI (Scuba Diving International) and TDI (Technical Diving International) training.

Safety is of the utmost importance in diving. In keeping their certifications and documentation always up to date, testing their compressed air regularly, and passing along their expertise through numerous training courses, Akumal Dive Shop is certainly a business that is concerned deeply with safe diving and safe air.

Many thanks to the entire team at Akumal Shop with special thanks to Alvaro, Ingrid, Raul, Juan, Saul AND Miguel “Compressor in Charge” who has been in charge of giving 3000 psi of fun and safe air to many divers every day since 2007!

We had a fantastic time on the water and exploring what lies beneath. Thanks so much to Akumal Dive Shop’s team!

Safe diving and safe air with TRI


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