Compressed air plays a major role in keeping emergency responders safe. For example, the proper functioning and safety of breathing air tank systems that are part for the gear fire services personnel wear requires verifying the quality of the compressed air used to fill them. If it has certain contaminates they can cause malfunction of the breathing air equipment or be unhealthy to breath.

This Halloween, TRI Air Testing hope that the life-saving protective gear and services of fire departments everywhere are not needed. We hope that your Halloween scares are limited to Halloween fun. (A bit on Halloween history, see the note on “Samhain” at the end of this article.)

As fire departments take a moment to test their air and stay safe, we hope you will take a moment and consider some safety tips to make your Halloween celebration fun, fulfilling, and safe.

In this video, Judy Comoletti, the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) Division Manager of Public Education, talks about how planning ahead can help make this Halloween a fire-safe one.



Do you know Samhain?

Since roughly the 9th Century the Celtic festival of Samhain has corresponded with All Saints Day (November 1) and has frequently been celebrated on the evening of October 31 into November 1. Essentially, Samhain is the Celtic calendar’s recognition of the beginning of the darker half of the year—darkness in terms of less daylight.

In the 19th century, this also became known as Celtic New Year.

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