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Stay safe at (and under) sea with compressed air!

Did you know that June 2013 is National Oceans Month in the United States? President Obama recently released a proclamation to honor the month. In the statement, he noted:

From providing food and energy to helping sustain our climate and our security, the oceans play a critical role in nearly every part of our national life. They connect us to countries around the world, and support transportation and trade networks that grow our economy. For millions of Americans, our coasts are also a gateway to good jobs and a decent living. All of us have a stake in keeping the oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes clean and productive — which is why we must manage them wisely not just in our time, but for generations to come…. I call upon Americans to take action to protect, conserve, and restore our oceans, coasts, and the Great Lakes.

Compressed air is part of keeping our oceans cleaner. It is also essential to keeping our experiences at sea safe. Compressed air powers equipment on military vessels. Divers on all levels-military, commercial, recreational-use breathing tanks during underwater activities. Without compressed air, ship maintenance would not be possible in the water; divers could not observe undersea life up close; and much more.

Compressed air testing is key part of making sure that the compressed air used in shipping, boating, diving, and other interactions and operations in and on our oceans are safe. TRI Air Testing is proud to be a strong partner to the US Navy and commercial and recreational dive operations everywhere. Your work is appreciated-and that includes your stewardship of the seas.


Our friends at the LocoGringo Blog have a few ideas on celebrating National Oceans Month, and they are recommendations everyone can easily institute:

  • Use less plastic
  • Travel responsibly – Do research on waste practices and reviews before giving your business to an ocean-going company. Support those who have strong sustainability and stewardship records.
  • Read pet food labels – Avoid products containing seafood and seafood by-products. Also, do not flush kitty litter down the toilet!
  • Take time to pick up litter on a beach
  • Do not buy items made from sealife (e.g., shells)

TRI Air Testing invites everyone in the compress air community, no matter which sector you work in, to celebrate National Oceans Month. Take time to consider the important role compressed air plays in supporting companies, militaries, and individuals in their interactions with the sea; and take time to recognize the larger impact we all have on our shared waters.


TRI provides compressed air testing with excellence in quality and science.

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