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Summer is in the AIR 2012 Contest – Win!

Welcome to summer! It’s a season characterized by travel, outdoor fun, and sunshine—though that certainly doesn’t mean we aren’t still working. In the compressed air field, we are working daily to make so many of the products and activities people associate with summer safety: the foods we barbecue, the air we breathe on SCUBA dive vacations, the drinks we cool off with, etc. Our emergency services personnel, such as our fire departments, utilize compressed air and SCBAs to stay safe while keeping the rest of us safe.

For example, you might spend part of your summer conducting NFPA 99 Medical Gas Testing….

TRI Air Testing invites you to capture in image or video the many ways compressed air quality is verified so that our summers remain safe, our food tastes fresh, and our dives are exceptional.


How are you interacting with compressed air during your summer days?

Are you SCUBA diving?  Using compressed air for food and beverage manufacturing? Fighting fires? Confirming the integrity of medical gases?

Or perhaps you are verifying the integrity of breathing air for dive clients, such as seen here at Akumal Dive Shop.

TRI Air Testing invites you to take a picture (or video) this summer of staying safe with your AIR. Now through September 3, send your picture/video of compressed air or air testing to TRI Air Testing via TRI Air Testing’s Facebook or Twitter pages. From the entrants, we’ll select a winner to receive one free compressed air sample (value $100). Picture (or video) will be posted on Social Media sites and used for marketing purposes)

Have a question about TRI Air Testing’s services (such as 24-hour turnaround time and online access to lab results)?


  1. Share a photo/video of compressed air or air testing
  2. Submit by September 3
  3. You’ll be entered for a chance to win one free compressed air sample ($100 value)

Celebrate summer and stay safe with your air!

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