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CGA Celebrates 100th Anniversary!

Compressed air and gas have contributed greatly to scientific advancements, exploration, industrial optimization, and medical, personnel and product safety. The history of contributions by compressed air and gas technologies is a long one, and there may be no greater evidence of this than the Compressed Gas Associations (CGA) extraordinary anniversary: In 2013, the CGA has turned 100!

To honor this historical mark, the CGA has published an 88-page document titled “Celebrating 100 Years as the Standard for Safety: The Compressed Gas Association, Inc., 1913 – 2003.”


Compressed Gas Association

Cylinder Filling Plant, 1926 (Praxair, Inc.)

The CGA’s anniversary guide provides a fascinating historical look at the development and utilization of compressed gas. A large gallery of images provided by various industry companies and figures helps illustrate the field, from the first US air separation plant (Buffalo, New York; 1907) to the modern use of compressed gases and air with NASA’s Space Shuttle, state-of-the-art hyperbaric medicine, and even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Compressed Gas Association (CGA)TRI Air Testing is proud to be part of this field. Independent, third-party testing is one of major ways the compressed air and gas fields meet their safety missions. Whether the compressed air and gas is used in pharmaceutical production, food and beverage manufacturing, recreational diving or fire and emergency response, independent testing helps verify and tighten quality further, as well as helps maximize operational efficiency.


How diverse are compressed air and gas industries? Download the CGA’s document, and for additional reading here are six of our favorite pieces from the Air Testing Blog:

CGA 100th Anniversary Video

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