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Summer Food and Compressed Air


Whether you grill marinated flank steaks or tofu, and whether you cool down with a soda, sparkling water, or a treat from a passing ice cream truck, you benefit from compressed air.

Compressed air is essential to many modern manufacturing, processing and packaging operations.  High-quality compressed air provides energy for pneumatic conveyer and handling systems that transport liquids and powders (such as cocoa) during the production cycle. Compressed air influences the safety of wrapping, sealing, labeling and palletizing these products for shipping or storage.

Anyway you slice it, compressed air plays an important role in our modern food and beverage system.


TRI Air Testing provides independent compressed air testing for food and beverage operations. For one-product shops and small producers on up to major, international, multi-brand manufacturers, TRI provides expertise and science in compressed air testing to ensure fast, accurate results.

NFPA on BBQ Safety. Fire personnel are no strangers to utilizing compressed air and testing compressed air for quality and safety (of people and equipment). Fire personnel are also renowned for food…but the fire safety and emergency services community is also deeply concerned with public safety when food and fire (and potentially gas) interact. The National Fire Protection Association has posted some summer grilling safety tips. They are worth a read.

BBQ and Compressed Air Testing

BBQ and Compressed Air Testing


Stay safe this summer!

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Contact us for more information about the fire and food & beverage industries’ use of compressed air and compressed air testing.



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