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The Original Compressed Air Testing Lab

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Why wait? TRI Offers 24-Hour Turnaround Time

Compressed air testing is a vital component of many industries, both for verifying equipment functionality and ensuring personnel/client safety. From firehouses to diving centers, medical facilities to biotechnology corridors and military bases, the importance of compressed air testing continues to grow.

Accuracy in compressed air testing is, of course, the primary need. But timeliness is also critical to the sampler to ensure uninterrupted operations and meet compliance requirements. For typical compressed air testing, TRI Air Testing provides 24-Hour Turnaround Time assurance. You get accurate results and unmatched service. (Some special tests require 48 hours before test results are available.)

TRI’s online client login system, MY AIR, offers quick access to detailed lab reports within 24 hours of receipt of samples.* Online access also allows our clients to check the status of equipment, access shipping tracking numbers, view and pay invoices, review order history, and more.

It is a unique system in the compressed air field for interaction with the testing lab, and it is offered only by TRI. We’ve developed this online system with our clients’ input over the years, and it’s one we continue to refine and add to.

Whether you need to test to ISO 8573, NFPA 1989, OSHA, military or other standards, TRI’s MY AIR system and 24-Hour Turnaround Time program will return your results quickly and with unparalleled accuracy.

* Samples are not processed on Saturday or Sunday, so samples received on Friday will be processed by the equivalent 24-hour business day window on Monday.

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