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Sometimes our clients have very specific questions when it comes to air purity, air testing, ambient air, and compressed air in their operation. Whether it’s industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, fire, or dive, get an answer from one of the most experienced individuals you will find on these topics. Dr. Golla has been with TRI Air Testing since its inception, and he’s here to answer your questions.

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Ask Dr. Golla

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Dr. Ed Golla
Lab Director
Industrialist Hygienist
Patent Holder

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About Dr. Golla

  • Developed instrument calibration and mixed gas standards analysis protocol to assure consistency and accuracy for routine measurements.
  • Specialties: Analytical Chemistry: application of instrumental techniques to current analytical problems, compressed air sample analysis, certified industrial hygienist (CIH).
  • Developed engineering basis for high accuracy determination of oil mist and particulate content using filter media sampled in field
  • Designed, constructed and maintained highly specialized gas chromatography and related analysis instrumentation dedicated to analysis of compressed air

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