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The Original Compressed Air Testing Lab

The Original Compressed Air Testing Lab

Worldwide Air & Gas Testing For

ISO 9001 air testing
AIHA accredited lab
ISO 8573 air testing lab
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Breathing Air Testing Services

Breathing Air

TRI Air Testing is an AIHA Accredited Laboratory specializing in compressed breathing air/gas testing. We provide compressed air analysis for a wide range of standards for commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, dive and fire service industries.

These standards include but are not limited to:

  • General Industry Air Testing:           CGA Grade D, OSHA 1910.134
  • Sport Diving Air Testing:                   CGA Grade E, PADI, IANTD, ANDI
  • Commercial Dive Operations:           NAVSEA, ADC, OSHA 1910.169, 1910.430
  • Fire Service Air Testing:                     NFPA 1989, CGA Grade D, E, L
  • Governmental Agency Air Testing:  CGA Grade D, E, L, OSHA 1910.134

Our Testing Program Offers:

  • Reliable Results & Online Report Access
  • Same Day Results for Air/Gas Testing
  • Simple to Use Sampling Kits
  • Able to Test Inside Containment
  • Onsite Moisture Testing
  • Ph.D. Chemist on Staff, Available for Technical Questions
  • Exceptional Customer Service


Our test kits available for purchase or loan.

We stock the kit with all the sampling media to capture a sample of your breathing air.

We ship the kit to you, you take a sample, and ship it back to our lab. Receive the results within 24 hours once we receive the sample.

Your air sampling results are quickly made available through our online report access MyAIR.

TRI Air Testing has been in business for over 41 years. Our team of experts can help you determine what standards apply to your business from CGA to ISO to FDA or even USP or NFPA. We can also set up your own unique air or gas specification in our sophisticated database.

 Contact Our Sales Team with Any Questions.

Do You Know What Tests You Are REQUIRED to Perform?

Testing for OSHA, USP, Grade D Breathing Air

Reliable Results & Online Report Access

Fastest Standard Turnaround Time

Established in 1975

AIHA-LAP, LLC Accredited Lab

ISO 17025-2005 Compliant

Dealer Programs Available

Test to a Wide Range of Custom & Industry Standards

Technical Support 24/7


TRI completes more than 4,000,000 analyses annually, working with many of the top companies in the world for compliance, validation and peace of mind.

Air/Gas Testing For Your Business