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The Original Compressed Air Testing Lab

The Original Compressed Air Testing Lab

Worldwide Air & Gas Testing For

ISO 9001 air testing
AIHA accredited lab
ISO 8573 air testing lab
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At TRI Air Testing, quality is built into everything that we do! Our Quality Management System (QMS) allows TRI to participate and become competitive in International Markets that require and maintain stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control standards.  TRI has a long-standing and persisting commitment to excellence in Science and Quality.

TRI Air Testing, Inc. is an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory since 1980 for ISO/IEC 17025:2005, ISO 9001:2015 compliant and participates in a quarterly compressed air quality Proficiency Testing Program. These accreditations and proficiencies ensure that our lab consistently meets the highest standards of quality and can deliver reliable laboratory test results. To better meet our customers’ expectations, we have expanded our Quality Program to include applicable elements of cGMP associated with 21 CFR Parts 210 and 211.

TRI has established quality measurement systems to monitor and manage its progress in continuous quality improvement. Some of the means used to monitor our progress include external and internal audits and assessments, customer complaint and resolution systems, and statistical and management tools. Our customers periodically perform assessments of our QMS and facility. These assessments and evaluations are effectively contributing in the enhancement of our service, continuing improvement of our quality systems, and meet our customers’ ongoing requirements; especially those that fall under FDA guidelines and cGMP standards. The effectiveness of our QMS has been confirmed through successful audits by our clientele from major food/beverage, pharmaceutical and medical companies as well as the Government and Military.

What does this mean for our customers? Confidence, dependability and consistency in products, process and services, by utilizing documented procedures which meet and exceed accepted International Quality Standards. TRI, Excellence in Science and Quality.

Do You Know What Tests You Are REQUIRED to Perform?

Testing for OSHA, USP, Grade D Breathing Air

Reliable Results & Online Report Access

Fastest Standard Turnaround Time

Established in 1975

AIHA-LAP, LLC Accredited Lab

ISO 17025-2005 Compliant

Dealer Programs Available

Test to a Wide Range of Custom & Industry Standards

Technical Support 24/7


TRI completes more than 4,000,000 analyses annually, working with many of the top companies in the world for compliance, validation and peace of mind.

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