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As Summer Winds Down, Check Your Compressed Air

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TRI's Compressed Air Testing Kits capture samples at the source. Compressed air quality plays an essential role in food and beverage product safety.

Every September in the United States, the first Monday of the month is reserved for the celebration of Labor Day. This federal holiday was first observed in 1894. Today, it is generally recognized as the end of summer in the US, with many summer festivals concluding on Labor Day and schools reopening from summer break the next morning.

Labor Day is often marked by barbecues and gatherings, from small backyard celebrations to hundreds of thousands of people at an event, such as the final day of the two-week-long Minnesota State Fair.

As these gatherings are dependent upon compressed air for their safety and success, Labor Day provides a good reminder to check up on your compressed air no matter what industry you work in.


TRI Compressed Air Testing

Usually, the barbecue goes well...but in the rare instance in which it does not, fire departments--supported by safe, independently tested air--are there to respond.

Compressed air is essential to modern food and beverage manufacturing, processing and packaging operations.  High-quality compressed air provides energy for pneumatic conveyer and handling systems that transport liquids and powders. (Consider, for example, the large range of vinegar, sugar and spice components listed among the ingredients of your favorite barbecue sauce.) Compressed air influences the safety of wrapping, sealing, labeling and palletizing actions that ship these products to your local markets.

Meats, mustards, and marinades are protected by compressed air. Drinks and deep friars are manufactured with compressed air.

And if things do not go as planned during barbecues—fire is always a risk—local fire departments stand at the ready with breathing apparatuses supported by compressed air to keep emergency responders safe.

From dawn to fireworks at dusk, our modern life (not just the conclusion of our summer) is tied quite heavily to compressed air and to the companies, plant engineers, firefighters, divers and others who take the time to test that air.


Are you current on your compressed air testing? Independent third-party compressed air testing is how the food and beverage industry, fire departments, diving personnel and other professionals verify that the air they and their clients use is safe.

Contact Donna Clark ( to learn how TRI Air Testing can provide a testing kit for you to collect your compressed air samples at the source for accurate, scientific testing of your air. TRI offers 24-hour turnaround on nearly all standard tests and secure online access to reports for quick, efficient turnaround.

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