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TRI and Compressed Air Testing

Over the past 40 years, we have built an international network of Dealers and Distributors that carry our products and can service your compressed air testing needs. You are more than welcome to contact a TRI Dealer in your area to come out and perform compressed air testing services for your company.

Our experienced compressed air Dealers routinely provide compressed air quality testing along with compressor maintenance, compressed air analysis, audits, sales of compressor equipment, dryers, filters, safety products and services.  TRI Dealers can help you you with compressed air testing for SQF Compressed Air, ISO 8573 Compressed Air TestingPharmaceutical, Food/Beverage, Fire Industry, SCUBA, Breathing Air Quality and more!

Compressed Air Audits.  A compressed air audit can identify compressed air system ineffeciencies, maintenance issues and product quality concerns.  Professional Compressed Air Auditors can identify and assess leaks, overpressurization, bad piping, insufficient storage and help you understand what it truly costs to operate your compressed air system.  A TRI Dealer can perform a compressed air analysis audit and help optimize your system to save you time and money.

You have options with TRI to choose the best compressed air testing solution suited for your business.  We provide the dependability of 40+ years of operation, an extensive suite of industry-specific tests for safety and compliance, 24-hour turnaround on (most) tests, and secure, round-the-clock, online access to reports via MyAir.  Solutions for compressed air testing to international standards are provided with excellence in science and quality.

For inquiries send an email to:

James Scherer:  [email protected] or Sandra Dudek: [email protected]