Technical Expertise


Why TRI?

TRI Air Testing, Inc. (TRI), a Texas Research International, Inc. company, is based in Austin, Texas. TRI Air Testing, an AIHA accredited laboratory, provides worldwide compressed air testing for fire service, NFPA 1989, SCUBA, OSHA, medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, SQF food/beverage, industrial companies and the Government/Military.  TRI’s technology represents the state of the art for sampling and analysis of compressed air. Our approach to customer service and contract administration assures client satisfaction and full contractual compliance.

Superior Experience

TRI has by far the largest experience base of any supplier of compressed air testing services in the world and we analyze more than 2,000,000 air samples annually.  TRI has been providing worldwide compressed air quality testing services for over 40 years.

TRI’s parent company was a contractor to the Navy’s compressed breathing air testing research program when it designed and patented the lightweight sampling system in 1975. We provide the dependability of 40+ years of operation, an extensive suite of industry-specific tests for safety and compliance, 24-hour turnaround on (most) tests, and secure, online access to reports via MyAir.  Solutions for compressed air analysis to international standards are provided with excellence in science and quality.

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