Process Air Testing


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Compressed Air Purity and Clean Dry Air is essential for many different types of manufacturing applications.  Air compressors draw in  large volumes of air from the surrounding atmosphere containing contaminants.  The air compressor itself can also add contaminants.

Process air contamination found in automotive spray paint air lines, powder coating air lines, pharmaceutical processing air lines, food processing air lines, air used for packaging, instrument air lines,and air in nuclear facilities can affect product quality.  A major problem in process air systems is the presence of water, hydrocarbons, oil and solid contaminants which can affect compressed air quality and lead to rust, scaling, instruments clogging, valves sticking and process contamination.

TRI’s accredited laboratory can perform a compressed air analysis of your compressor or processes for the following:

TRI Air Testing provides the dependability of 40+ years of operation, an extensive suite of industry-specific tests for safety and compliance, 24-hour turnaround on (most) tests, and secure online access to lab reports via MyAir. Solutions for compressed air testing to international standards are provided with excellence in science and quality.

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COMPRESSED AIR QUALITY IS IMPORTANT, so have your compressed air tested periodically to assure:

  • Protection of equipment and processes
  • Safety for your employees
  • Energy efficiency of compressor
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Assure product quality
  • Meet standards/regulations

TRI recommends developing a compressed air quality program for validation that is repeatable for verification and compliance for OSHA, SQF and FDA enforced cGMP.  Compressed air or process air lines should be tested on a routine or regular basis.  A thorough evaluation of the application and manufacturing process is required to ensure the appropriate solution, both technically and financially.

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