Compressed Air Testing


Champion 35 Test Kit


TRI Air Testing provides worldwide Compressed Air Testing for ISO 8573Fire Service, SCUBA, OSHA, Medical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, SQF Air Purity, Food/Beverage, Packaging and the Government/Military.



TRI Air Testing is an AIHA Accredited Laboratory. We provide the dependability of 40+ years of compressed air testing services and an extensive suite of industry-specific tests for safety and compliance. Solutions for compressed air testing to international standards are provided with excellence in science and quality.

FAST 24 hour analysis via MyAir with online access to compressed air laboratory reports, invoices, re-order, account status and more.  Learn more about TRI’s compressed air testing kits and our expertise in compressed air.

Our Compressed Air Testing Kit was developed and patented to capture a non-pressurized sample of compressed air at source or Point of Use (POU).  TRI’s compressed air sampling kits are simple and easy to use (purchased or loaned/rental). Compressed air sampling takes minutes, and each compressed air testing kit comes with detailed instructions for use.

TRI recommends developing a compressed air testing quality program for validation that is repeatable for verification and compliance for NFPA, OSHA, SQF, ISO 8573, HACCP and FDA enforced cGMP.  Compressed breathing air or manufacturing/process air should be tested on a routine or regular basis.

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Compressed Air Testing

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You can also see schematics and videos on our Compressed Air Testing – How It Works page.


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