Compressed Air Audits


opened kit in pelican caseA compressed air audit can identify compressed air system inefficiencies, maintenance issues and product quality concerns.  Compressed air quality testing is an important part of your audit.

WHY test compressed air quality? Clean Dry Air is essential for many different types of applications.  Air compressors draw in large volumes of air from the surrounding atmosphere containing contaminants.  The air compressor itself can also add contaminants.  Process air contamination found in automotive spray paint air lines, powder coating air lines, pharmaceutical processing air lines, food grade air, instrument air lines in nuclear facilities can affect product quality.

A major problem in compressed air systems is the presence of water, oil and solid contaminants which can affect air quality and lead to rust, scaling, instruments clogging, valves sticking and process contamination. TRI’s accredited laboratory can perform a compressed air analysis of your compressor or compressed air process lines.

Many plants can benefit from services by professional compressed air auditors.  They can identify and assess leaks, overpressurization, bad piping, insufficient storage and help you understand what it truly costs to operate your compressed air system.  A TRI Dealer can perform a compressed air audit, help you optimize your compressed air system and save money.

Please contact us, TRI can help get you started with reducing operating costs and improving manufacturing productivity.  Start with a compressed air quality test or let us recommend a TRI Dealer to perform a compressed air audit.